2012 Video Sermon Archive

01-22-12 AM A Godly Walk

02-05-12 AM Alive In Hell

02-12-12 AM He Is Faithful

02-12-12 PM Landmark Of Salvation

02-19-12 AM The High Cost Of Backsliding

02-19-12 PM The Landmark Of Sanctification

03-11-12 AM Earnestly Contending For The Faith

03-11-12 PM The Landmark Of Sound Doctrine

03-18-12 AM Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ

03-18-12 PM Even So Come Lord Jesus


04-01-12 AM We Have Hope In Christ

04-01-12 PM Behold The Man

04-05-12 The Cross Of Crucifixion

04-08-12 AM A Walk With The Savior

04-15-12 AM Are You Savable

04-15-12 PM Confessing Your Sin

04-22-12 PM Using the Law Lawfully

04-29-12 AM Abiding and Joy

4-22-12 AM The Church

05-03-12 Pastor Kirk  Nobody Knows

05-04-12 Pastor Kirk

05-05-12 Dennis Kirk- Mary, A Woman Who Did What She Could

05-06-12 AM Dennis Kirk Stoking the Fire

05-06-12 PM As He Did Afore-time

05-13-12 PM Spiritual Warfare

05-20-12 AM Falling From Grace

05-20-12 PM A Servant of God

05-27-12 AM Ways to Stop Worrying

05-27-12 PM Knowing the Unknowable

06-10-12 AM The Greatest Need Of the Believer

06-10-12 PM The House Of The Lord

06-17-12 AM Ye Fathers

06-17-12 PM What Meanest Thou O Sleeper Arise

07-01-12 AM The Value Of Forgiveness

07-01-12 PM Do You Love The Lord

07-08-12 AM We Are Baptist PT 2

07-08-12 PM The Name of Jesus

07-15-12 AM The Christian's Joy

07-15-12 PM We Are Baptist PT 3

07-22-12 AM The Precious Blood Of Christ

08-05-12 AM Salvation's Except

08-05-12 PM Fasting PT 2

08-12-12 AM The Except of Apostasy

08-12-12 PM Be a Proud Christian

08-19-12 AM The Except Of God's Righteousness

08-19-12 PM Fasting PT 3

08-26-12 AM The Except of Repentance

08-26-12 PM Fasting PT 4

09-02-12 AM Security in Christ

09-02-12 PM  Desiring Milk

09-09-12 AM Keeping Your Heart Right

09-09-12 PM Stand Fast

09-23-12 AM Salvation Plain And Simple

09-30-12 PM Clarence & Pastor Rom PT-Paul's 3 I ams

10-14-12 AM How To Behave Thyself In The House Of God

10-14-12 PM Be Careful For Nothing

10-21-12 AM Free Indeed

10-28-12 AM What Kind Of Christian Testimony Do You Have-Adam

11-11-12 AM The Mystery Of Godliness

11-11-12 PM Contentment

11-18-12 AM Walking Circumspectly

11-18-12 PM Departing From The Faith

11-25-12 AM Live

12-02-12 AM Should We Celebrate Christ's Birth

12-02-12 Pm The Eternality Of Christ

12-09-12 AM Follow The Leader

12-09-12 PM Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

12-16-12 AM The Glory of Christmas

12-23-12 AM He Shall Save His People From Their Sins

12-23-12 PM Think On These Things

12-31-12 Being a Doer of God's word

12-31-12 Building On The Rock- Clarence